StanPlusStanTwo LTD reserves the right of copyright over all images in accordance to Copyright Notice: digital images, photographs and the internet 2015. Unauthorised copying or reproduction of any kind of the images is a criminal offense. Please note that StanPlusStanTwo  will not use your images for our own purpose, unless you have given us your express permission.          

Please take note that due to the bespoke nature of all products produced by us there is a minimum turnaround time of four weeks and that once an order is placed it can’t be cancelled. Also, please note that full payment is required before any goods are released. 

StanPlusStanTwo LTD stores your personal data on password protected software that is only accessible by our own studio. We will store your un-retouched photographs after your viewing indefinitely on external terabyte hard drives, in case you want to come back to re-view them.