The Experience

A photoshoot at Stan Plus Stan Two is quite simply a never to be forgotten experience…

We specialise in fantastic contemporary and creative portrait photography. Just spend an hour with us in our fully equipped studio and we’ll produce photographs you’ll be proud to hang on your wall, use for your portfolio, or give to family and friends. So from the moment you arrive at our studio we’ll ensure you’ll have the best time possible.

To get the most out of your sessions we strongly suggest bringing in to the studio your favourite fun possessions. Which can include anything like boxing gloves, musical instruments, teddy bears, toys or even skateboards!

Viewing your fine art photography…

Your actual photoshoot is an amazing experience. But viewing your portraits at a second date on our big screen played to music comes a close second. Relax on our sofas while we take you through your most outstanding photographs.

There will be many shots taken from a range of angles and ideas so we take extra care in providing you with a comfortable and refreshing area. We have a wide range of hand made frames, finished styles and art mounts. All of our luxury frames are made bespoke to suit the artwork..

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve chosen your favourite photographs, it’s up to you to decide how you’d like them presented. Your choices are then sent to our dedicated digital labs to be developed and re-touched to your specification, whether you want them black and white or sepia, black and white with a touch of colour, or even something more artistic. Your portraits are exquisite pieces of art so it’s worth taking the time to browse our extensive collection of high-quality frames.

Your photographs will then be professionally mounted by craftsmen so expect your photographs to be ready within three weeks but with orders for special occasions like at Christmas we always make sure you get them in time! We are even open Christmas eve so if you are cutting it fine we will do our very best to make sure you aren’t disappointed.